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To provide comprehensive Ear Care to all classes of people. Dr. Parag Telang provides the best cosmetic Ear Reconstructive Surgery.

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Our Mission

To provide Ear care equal to the best in the world delivered in a personal, compassionate, convenient and cost effective manner.


Ear Surgery in Mumbai (India), England, USA

Best Ear Reconstruction Clinic in India

The Microtia Trust, situated in Mumbai, India, is a leading centre for the treatment of congenital conditions such as microtia & other ear deformities. It provides utmost care to microtia patients & their families and delivers outstanding results. The Trust has successfully delivered best results to 400+ patients across the globe and aims to provide an affordable ear surgery cost in India (Mumbai), USA and England.

“The Microtia Trust” is an intiative of renowned ear reconstruction surgeon Dr. Parag Telang and his wife Dr. Minal Telang. This Trust provides an opportunity for the children suffering from microtia, to get ear reconstruction surgery done by providing them with the best treatment so that every child is able to live their life to the fullest.

The Microtia Trust, believes that everyone has the right to live and enjoy life and is helping the patients to enable them to lead a normal and healthy life.

Microtia is a rare congenital condition, in which children are born with an absent or missing ear or malformed ear.

When a child is born with ear deformities or microtia, parents want the most advanced treatment for their child. Dr. Parag is recognized for his expertise and outstanding results as this surgery requires a 3dimensional analysis of the ear. The treatments help the patient achieve a cosmetically pleasing external ear while restoring facial symmetry. The Trust welcomes patients from all over the globe and has successfully treated patients from countries like US, UK(England), UAE, Australia and other parts of the world.

Dr. Parag Telang
Best Reconstruction & Microtia Surgeon

Dr. Parag Telang is a world-renowned surgeon for microtia and ear deformities and is known for performing the best ear surgery in India. He is an expert in ear reconstruction surgery for children who are born with missing or partial ear or have had a traumatic loss of ear.

The condition of microtia is not so common, and only a few doctors have the necessary knowledge, practice, and skills to treat the condition successfully - Dr. Parag Telang is one of them. The ear reconstruction surgery is one of the most challenging surgeries to perform, due to complex ear structure, and that must be created using patient rib cartilage for the ear to look natural. Dr. Parag Telang completed his fellowship under Dr. Francoise Firmin, world-renowned authority in ear reconstruction at Paris, France.

He is a highly skilled and experienced surgeon and delivers his patients with consistent results by performing the best ear surgery in India (Mumbai), USA and England.

He is the founder of “The Microtia Trust”, best ear reconstruction surgery clinic which provides a wide range of treatments for ear deformities to patients suffering with microtia, both external and internal ear deformities, prominent ears, and ear loss after injury or burns.

Dr. Parag graduated from Sir J.J Group of Hospitals, a premier teaching hospital in Mumbai. Dr. Parag went on to get good ranks in both the pre-post graduate and the super speciality entrance exams to be selected for his M.S ( Master of Surgery) and M.Ch ( Master of Chirurgie) courses from the well-known Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and General Hospital ( LTMGH), Mumbai.

The patients come from all around the world to avail benefits of his innovative approach to treatment, compassionate care, and surgical skills that help one to achieve the best desired results. He has treated many international patients from the USA, UAE, Europe, Australia and from across the globe and corrected their ear associated problems like microtia and other external ear deformities.

Understanding Microtia

Microtia is a rare congenital condition that causes a missing or malformed outer ear and affects the child's appearance. The condition can cause nonexistent or narrowed ear canal that can affect hearing, language skills, and speech processing skills. Microtia can cause a significant psychological and physical impact on a child or adult, as this condition affects their hearing ability, appearance, and confidence. This condition occurs in about one in 5,000-7,000 births, depending upon the varying statistics in different countries and ethnic races.

This ear condition is typically categorized into grades depending upon the deformed ear severity condition. The malformed child ear is obvious at birth and diagnosed by the doctor immediately upon physical examination. At The Microtia Trust, Dr. Parag Telang provides specialized care and treatment for children with microtia and ear canal atresia.

The Microtia Trust offers various ear reconstructive surgeries in India and microtia treatments that correct the ear's deformities both functional and cosmetic issues for better quality of life. Microtia surgery addresses both cosmetic and hearing loss difficulties. The top otologists work with Dr. Parag Telang to surgically create and correct the ear canal defects that enable and improve hearing. The surgery addresses both external and inner ear canal deformities. Therefore, Dr. Parag Telang performs the best ear plastic surgery in USA.

Treatments and Surgeries

The Microtia Trust offers a wide range of ear reconstructive surgeries and treatments. Learn about these treatments in detail.

Microtia Ear Surgery

Reconstruction of an absent or damaged external ear is considered to be one of the most difficult surgeries in the entire spectrum of reconstructive plastic surgery.
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Ear Deformities

Grafting is not necessarily required for all congenital ear deformities. In case of a minor deformity, some cartilage maybe taken from the other ear to replace what is missing or abnormal.
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Prominent Ear Correction

Prominent ears can be a significant source of embarrassment in adults. They also increase the likelihood of teasing at school and can therefore affect a child’s confidence and social interaction.
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Ear Reconstruction Surgery

Ear deformities or malformation can be either by birth or due to some injuries. In certain situations creating a normal looking ear can be done by using the tissue from the patient’s body like the skin, fascia or cartilage.
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Traumatic Ear loss

Partial or complete traumatic ear loss can occur as a result of various injuries. The most common cause in the UK is a human bite following an alcohol related assault.
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Appointment Process For Patients

Dr. Parag Telang is a specialist in cosmetic surgery of the face and both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the ear. At The Microtia Trust, Dr. Parag Telang provides the standard procedure for microtia surgery and other ear deformities. The ear created by microtia surgery is made by the patient's own rib cartilage tissues that are alive and grow with the child. Dr. Parag Telang and his team have helped many international patients from the USA, US, UAE, and worldwide to get a healthy and normal functioning ear. Comprehensive packages are also for international patients that relieve them from hassles of searching accommodation and arranging bookings.

To know more about microtia or ear surgery in England, UK, USA and Dubai, please call our office at +91 9820058253 or email at

Dr. Parag went on to get good ranks in both the pre-post graduate and the super speciality entrance exams to be selected for his M.S ( Master of Surgery) and M.Ch ( Master of Chirurgie) courses from the well-known Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and General Hospital ( LTMGH), Mumbai. He is the best surgeon to approach if opting for ear surgery in Mumbai.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you. For the ease of patients travelling from abroad along with their relatives, we have comprehensive packages which relieve the added hassles of searching for accommodation and arranging all bookings. We understand that its quite a task travelling with small children! From airport pickup in whatever size vehicle you need, to the stay for the duration of surgery and post-operative period, to dropping you back to the airport, we do everything for you.

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Our patients shares their journey and express gratitude for the impact that ear reconstruction surgeries has had on their lives.

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Happy patients and encouraging testimonials!

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My nephew was born with ear deformity and no one could find a solution for that. Someone then suggested us Dr. Telang and we consulted him last month. I must say he is one of the best doctors!


jitender ahuja

*Opinions/Results may vary from person to person

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"It has been 5 years since you last operated on me. I can't thank you enough. You changed my life and continue to change the lives of so many others like me. You have inspired me to help people with microtia and give back to the people that made my plastic surgery possible. Thank you again"


John Pixels, USA

*Opinions/Results may vary from person to person

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