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Our Vision

To provide comprehensive Ear Care to all classes of people. Dr. Parag Telang provides the best cosmetic Ear Reconstructive Surgery.

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Our Mission

To provide Ear care equal to the best in the world delivered in a personal, compassionate, convenient and cost effective manner.


Dr. Parag Telang

Expert Surgeon in Cosmetic Ear Reconstruction Surgery – India

If three words were to describe this young Cosmetic Surgeon they would be dynamism, dedication and determination. A graduate from Sir J.J Group of Hospitals, a premier teaching hospital in Mumbai, Dr Telang went on to get good ranks in both the pre-post graduate and the superspeciality entrance exams to be selected for his M.S ( Master of Surgery) and M.Ch ( Master of Chirurgie) courses from the well-known Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and General Hospital ( LTMGH).

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Treatments and Surgeries

The Microtia Trust offers a wide range of ear reconstructive surgeries and treatments. Learn about these treatments in detail.

Microtia Ear

Reconstruction of an absent or damaged external ear is considered to be one of the most difficult surgeries in the entire spectrum of reconstructive plastic surgery.
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Grafting is not necessarily required for all congenital ear deformities. In case of a minor deformity, some cartilage maybe taken from the other ear to replace what is missing or abnormal.
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Prominent Ear

Prominent ears can be a significant source of embarrassment in adults. They also increase the likelihood of teasing at school and can therefore affect a child’s confidence and social interaction.
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Ear Reconstruction

Ear deformities or malformation can be either by birth or due to some injuries. In certain situations creating a normal looking ear can be done by using the tissue from the patient’s body like the skin, fascia or cartilage.
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Ear loss

Partial or complete traumatic ear loss can occur as a result of various injuries. The most common cause in the UK is a human bite following an alcohol related assault.
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India's Most Popular Ear Reconstruction Surgeon

He is the only qualified Plastic Surgeon doctor in Mumbai to perform
Ear Reconstruction with Rib Cartilage.

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The beautiful results to show the artistry and skill of the surgeon.

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International Patients

For the ease of patients travelling from abroad along with their relatives, we have comprehensive packages which relieve the added hassles of searching for accommodation and arranging all bookings. We understand that its quite a task travelling with small children! From airport pickup in whatever size vehicle you need, to the stay for the duration of surgery and post-operative period, to dropping you back to the airport, we do everything for you.

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Success Stories

Our patients shares their journey and express gratitude for the impact that ear reconstruction surgeries has had on their lives.

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Our Patients Say

Happy patients and encouraging testimonials!

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Madhuri Phapale

, google

Dr. Parag Telang is one of the best plastic surgeons for ear reconstruction surgery. He provided personal attention right from consultation till post surgery for my kid. Caring staff !

*Opinions/Results may vary from person to person

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Types of Ear Deformities

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Ear Reconstruction Surgery

Ear Reconstruction Surgery With Patient's Own Rib Cartilage: The Safest Method!

Microtia is an ear deformity that can range from mild structural problems to a completely missing ear.

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