Traumatic Ear Loss

traumatic hearing loss treatment in Mumbai

Traumatic Hearing Loss Treatment in Mumbai, India


Partial or complete traumatic ear loss can occur as a result of various injuries. Car accidents, dog bites, and sports injuries are some of the most common causes of ear trauma. The most common cause of ear loss or trauma in the UK is a human bite following an alcohol-related assault. Other causes include burns, acid victims, and cancer surgery that involves the removal of the affected ear area.

There are also a large number of cases internationally that were inflicted as a punishment for army desertion. Loss of the external ear in an adult causes significant psychological distress in the affected individual. This often has a great impact on social interaction, career, and personal relationships.

In some cases, the injury can be treated with suturing and sterilization. Some accidents only affect the outer ear shape, but if the patient ear canal is damaged, then the injury is extensive, and full ear reconstruction is required. Dr. Parag Telang, an expert microtia ear reconstruction surgeon in India works with an otologist to look for signs of damage to the inner and middle ear. Then accordingly, the eardrum reconstruction and ear reconstruction surgery are performed.


Ear reconstruction using sculpted rib cartilage is the optimal treatment for reconstructing traumatic ear.

A three-dimensional framework of the missing portion is carved and positioned under the adjacent skin to reconstruct the ear. Nearly all cases of traumatic ear reconstruction are performed in two stages. In the first stage, the shape of the ear is recreated. In the second stage, the ear is elevated from the side of the head to allow projection.

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This reconstruction is performed after the minimum age of eight once the rib cartilage grows enough to reconstruct a new ear. In the first stage of surgery, the new ear framework is sculpted using cartilage that is obtained from the rib cartilage, and then it is buried underneath the skin, where the new skin will be created. Drains are placed that help prevent fluid accumulation under the graft. After 6 months, the second operation is performed, and the new ear is elevated from underneath the skin, and skin is grafted to create a new 3D ear that projects away from the head and looks natural.

The main benefit of using rib cartilage is that it is resistant to infection and rejection as one’s own body tissue is used to reconstruct the new ear.


In most cases, there is sufficient skin to cover the carved cartilage. If, however, there is extensive scarring or the hairline is very low, then other techniques can be utilized, such as tissue expansion or a flap of tissue from under the scalp, called as temporal fascia.


Patients suffering from severe ear trauma from around the world such as the UK, UAE, and Europe come to visit Dr. Parag Telang because of his expertise in this field. If you are suffering from traumatic or complete ear loss, contact Dr. Parag Telang at The Microtia Trust, world renowned traumatic ear reconstruction clinic located in Mumbai, India to learn more about the traumatic ear reconstruction and how this surgery helps to restore self-confidence.

Ear reconstruction surgery can rebuild the damaged ear caused by trauma or accident. Before the surgery, the surgeon will conduct a thorough examination, take the history, and get hearing tests done. To know more about traumatic ear reconstruction surgery, contact Dr. Parag Telang at The Microtia Trust.


Dr. Parag Telang is one of the most experienced and respected plastic surgeons for traumatic ear reconstruction globally. He is known for his surgical expertise and techniques that help the affected individual achieve natural-looking results.

The Microtia Trust team strives to provide the best treatment and assistance to national and international patients. The Microtia Trust has special packages for patients traveling outside Mumbai or abroad and is always happy to help patients with special needs. To know more about traumatic ear reconstruction surgery cost in India, call at +91 9820058253 / 022 26300079 or email at

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My nephew was born with ear deformity and no one could find a solution for that. Someone then suggested us Dr. Telang and we consulted him last month. I must say he is one of the best doctors!


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"It has been 5 years since you last operated on me. I can't thank you enough. You changed my life and continue to change the lives of so many others like me. You have inspired me to help people with microtia and give back to the people that made my plastic surgery possible. Thank you again"


John Pixels, USA

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