Microtia Ear Surgery

Microtia Ear Surgery in Mumbai, India, USA, England

Microtia Ear Surgery in Mumbai (India), England, USA


Ears play an important role in facial aesthetics, and they provide us the ability to hear. Any malformations and defects in the external ears are immediately visible, and it can also affect the sense of hearing.

The visible ear defects or malformations of external ear are termed as Microtia or small ear. This is a congenital condition in which the ear does not develop properly, and one suffers from small irregularly shaped, or some times a missing ear. These malformations can affect both internal and whole external ear. A narrower ear canal or completely closed ear canal can cause impaired hearing, and as a result, sound, music, and speech are unable to reach the inner ear and brain.


The causes of Microtia are not well understood, but particularly the environmental and genetic factors are considered the major causative agents of this ear defect. Genetic factors are thought to be a cause of only 5% of all patients. Multiple theories have been proposed to explain Microtia caused during fetal development, such as neural crest cell disturbance, vascular disruption, and altitude, but these have not been proven. It is important to understand that nothing a mother does during pregnancy, such as drinking coffee, alcohol use, or even drug abuse, has been shown to cause Microtia. However, when taken in the first trimester of pregnancy, some medications are linked to causing Microtia, including Thalidomide and Accutane.

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Grade 1 is characterized by a small ear and often with a narrowed or sometimes missing ear canal.

Grade 2 is characterized by an abnormally developed outer ear (usually the upper half portion), often with a narrowed or sometimes missing ear canal.

Grade 3 is the most common type of ear condition characterized by small, abnormally developed ear with an absent ear canal.

Grade 4 is the condition with a missing ear and ear canal. It is also known as anotia.

Dr. Parag Telang, is a world-renowned Microtia surgeon and an expert in treating all grades of Microtia. Dr. Parag practices at The Microtia Trust, the best ear reconstruction surgery clinic located in Mumbai (India). The Microtia Trust has successfully treated Microtia patients from countries like the US, UK (England), UAE, etc.


A child affected with Microtia often faces harassment and bullying, particularly at school. Many children often suffer from decreased hearing ability due to narrowed or missing ear canal. When an individual can hear only from one ear, the brain often faces difficulty in filtering out the background noise and cannot detect the source and direction of the noise. Diminished hearing in microtia patients ,in school and social settings, often leads to speech impairment. Dr. Parag Telang, an expert Microtia surgeon in India, practicing at The Microtia Trust, offers treatments for both cosmetic and hearing difficulties associated with Microtia. He performs ear reconstruction surgery using cartilage that offers several benefits to children and adults suffering from Microtia.


Reconstruction of an absent or damaged external ear is considered to be one of the most difficult surgeries in the entire spectrum of reconstructive plastic surgery. This needs very intricate planning and attention to detail with the ability to visualize the ear in its three-dimensions. No wonder the Plastic surgeons who have mastered this art can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Dr. Parag Telang has been very lucky to have the opportunity to do a Fellowship under Dr. Francoise Firmin, a world-renowned authority in ear reconstruction at Paris, France, in this intricate surgery. Dr. Parag Telang offers several advanced ear reconstruction techniques that help correct Microtia and other ear deformities. These methods help reconstruct the damaged or missing ear and also help restore hearing.

Dr. Parag Telang offers his patients with the best surgical treatments and innovations to correct Microtia. He treats patients from all over the world at The Microtia Trust, a world renowned Microtia and ear reconstruction clinic located in Mumbai, India. He has helped many patients through his treatment of Microtia traumatic ear reconstruction, and revision of unsatisfactory surgeries.

Dr. Parag Telang is a pioneer in the field of Microtia surgery for children and adults and has performed more than 400+ ear reconstruction surgeries. He also provides otoplasty and other ear reconstructive surgeries for children.

The Microtia Trust has helped many national and international patients to lead a normal and healthy life. International patients from the USA, UK, UAE, and across the world can consult Dr. Parag Telang at The Microtia Trust, located in Mumbai, India, and avail the treatment benefits


Dr. Parag Telang is one of the most experienced and respected plastic surgeons for Microtia surgery globally and is known for his surgical expertise and techniques that help children achieve natural-looking results. Dr. Parag practice’s draws patients from all over India and internationally, like America, London, Dubai, for their surgical needs.


The best material for reconstructing a new ear is the soft portion of the rib called cartilage. The cartilage is obtained from the child’s own rib cartilage and is used to create a new outer ear. The use of a child's own tissue reduces the risk of danger of rejection, and there is also very little chance of infection. Then skin graft is placed over the implant that results in a sturdy, natural-looking ear.


The artificial materials currently available, such as porous polyethylene and silicone, suffer from acute and late rejection, infection, and exposure, making them the less preferred choice in ear reconstruction.


The ideal age for undergoing surgery for reconstructing an absent external ear is 9 years, and above since after this age, the opposite (normal) ear does not grow in size. The rib cartilage must be of adequate size to form a complete ear framework for Microtia surgery.


Microtia surgery is performed in two stages.

In the first stage, the rib cartilage is harvested. A three-dimensional ear scaffold is created from harvested cartilage. If the patient has a normal second ear, it is used as a template to create the new ear from cartilage. Then, the ear's entire framework is created and inserted in the appropriate area on the head's side.

The ear looks complete from sideways, but it lacks a sulcus. This sulcus behind the ear is created in the second stage, between 3-6 months after the first stage. A tight bandage holds the skin graft in place for 5-7 days.


  • Constructing a new ear structure using the patient’s own rib cartilage, so there is no risk of graft rejection.

  • Natural-looking results on one or both sides of the head.

  • Surgery can also correct hearing problems.

  • Enhances facial appearance and balance.

  • Helps individuals gain confidence and self-esteem.


The patient needs to be in the hospital for 3-4 days for the first stage and 2-3 days for the second stage.


The Microtia Trust team strives to provide the best treatment and assistance to national and international patients. The Microtia Trust has special packages for patients traveling outside Mumbai or abroad and is always happy to help patients with special needs. To help your child with Microtia and to know more about Microtia treatment cost in India, call at +91 9820058253 / 022 26300079 or email at info@themicrotiatrust.com

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My nephew was born with ear deformity and no one could find a solution for that. Someone then suggested us Dr. Telang and we consulted him last month. I must say he is one of the best doctors!


jitender ahuja

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"It has been 5 years since you last operated on me. I can't thank you enough. You changed my life and continue to change the lives of so many others like me. You have inspired me to help people with microtia and give back to the people that made my plastic surgery possible. Thank you again"


John Pixels, USA

*Opinions/Results may vary from person to person

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