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The ear is made up of cartilage and is covered by skin. The earlobe is made up of fat and skin, and some muscles and nerves are attached to the ear. Ear deformities are caused due to abnormal development of the ear structure and anatomy, which can cause many complications, including cosmetic issues, to developmental problems. These ear birth defects can affect the shape and position of the ear. The condition can involve both the growth and development of the cartilage present around the ear and affects both function and ear appearance. An approximate of 6-8% of children are born with ear deformities. Some ear deformities may resolve on their own as the child grows. Other ear deformities either need surgical or non-surgical medical intervention to correct them. These conditions, if not treated, also cause significant social impairment among patients.


Various factors cause ear deformities. Some are congenital, while some develop as a result of trauma or disease. In some children, ear deformity is due to genetic disorder, which can affect multiple body systems like CHARGE syndrome and Goldenhar syndrome.

Inherited genetic mutations are also the major cause of ear deformities.



In this condition, there is no development of the external ear or the conducting system, and there is a total absence of the ear. The condition is also associated with conductive hearing loss; this occurs when sound waves do not travel through the ear and do not reach through the outer ear canal to the eardrum. People suffering from genetic disorders like Treacher Collins or Goldenhar syndrome, women who have diabetes before they are pregnant, and women who have a low level of carbohydrates ( ?) and folic acid during their pregnancy are at an increased risk of having a baby with anotia.

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Dr. Parag Telang is an expert surgeon in treating anotia and other ear deformities in Mumbai, India. Standard treatment for a missing ear requires a total ear reconstruction. In this treatment, the patient's own rib cartilage is used to create a framework to reconstruct the outer ear. Patients suffering from anotia can get this condition treated at The Microtia Trust, world-renowned microtia, anotia, and ear reconstruction clinic located in Mumbai, India.


In this condition, a baby is born with a small and malformed external ear. In this birth defect, almost all the cartilaginous constituents are missing, and what is usually seen is a soft tubular structure with the consistency of the ear lobule. Several variations of this condition are possible, and it can vary from mild to severe. Very often in patients of microtia, the external auditory canal, and the rest of the conducting system also fail to develop.

Dr. Parag Telang is an expert microtia ear surgeon in Mumbai, India. He helps children with microtia get back a natural ear shape. Dr. Parag performs the rib cartilage based microtia ear reconstruction surgery at The Microtia Trust. 


A lop ear is a deformity in which the cartilage of the upper part of the ear is abnormal or bent over. This is caused due to the relative shortage of skin, i.e., underdeveloped helical cartilage and the smaller cartilage framework compared to the other side. The folding of the upper part of the ear hides the normal details of the ear and makes the ear appear small or sometimes stick out too fat than usual. The lop ear corrective surgery entails the correction of the cartilage using either the cartilage already existing in the ear or sometimes a cartilage graft is obtained from the other ear. Skin cover involves making use of local skin flaps. In case the condition is severe, the correction is made using a rib graft, which is similar to the procedure for microtia.

Dr. Parag provides treatment for lop ear reconstruction at The Microtia Trust. The surgery for constricted ears varies widely because the constricted ears can cause a wide variety of ear anatomy changes. The procedure is tailored according to the patient ear shape. During the surgery, the tissue rearrangement is involved that helps to restore the vertical dimension and the normal features to the upper ear.


In the case of cup ear, there is a deficiency of cartilage in the upper and middle part of the ear, together with a corresponding deficiency of skin. In severe cases, the cartilage of almost the whole ear is deficient, together with a deficiency of the skin. The ear does not unfurl and looks like a cup.

One can visit The Microtia Trust to get cup ear reconstruction treatment in Mumbai, India from an expert cosmetic ear surgeon Dr. Parag Telang. The treatment provided by him for constricted/cup ear surgery helps an individual to restore the normal ear feature by restructuring the cartilage.


Cryptotia also called a hidden ear, is a type of deformity, in which the upper part of the superior portion of the ear is buried under the skin of the scalp. The cartilaginous frame is usually normal and developed but is contained within a pocket of skin. The ear fails to separate and rise, and an auriculo-cephalic sulcus is not produced in this condition. Reconstruction in the case of cryptotia involves lifting the ear out from under the skin, thus creating a groove behind the upper ear and making use of flaps of the surrounding skin to cover the ear cartilage. This operation is usually carried out in a single stage and is a day procedure.


Ears that stick out more than 2cm from the side of the head are considered as prominent or bat ears. Most people with protruding or bat ears have a deep concha, the bowl-shaped space just outside the ear canal opening, which causes the entire ear to push away from the side of the head.

To get the best prominent ear otoplasty surgery in Mumbai, visit The Microtia Trust. In this surgery, the cartilage is reshaped, and an antihelical fold is created. This also helps support the ear in a new position closer to the head.


  • Genetic analysis.
  • Physical examination.
  • Hearing and language screenings.
  • Imaging modalities-CT scan and MRI of the temporal bone.
  • Systemic examination of the renal, ophthalmic, gastrointestinal, and cardiac anomalies is also performed.


For traditional treatment, the child should be of at least 5-7 years of age to perform the surgical correction of the deformity. However, some of the deformities can also be corrected through ear molding, which is a non-surgical procedure.

Grafting is not necessarily required for all congenital ear deformities. In case of a minor deformity, some cartilage may be taken from the other ear to replace what is missing or abnormal. This does not cause any deformity in the good ear. Often at times, these minor procedures can be performed during the course of one day. The patients can be allowed to go home the very day after surgery and rest.

Dr. Parag creates a treatment plan that meets the specific needs of the child.

International patients from the USA, UK (London), Europe, UAE, and across the world consult Dr. Parag Telang at The Microtia Trust, located in Mumbai, India, and avail all these ear reconstruction treatment benefits.


Dr. Parag Telang is one of the most experienced and respected plastic surgeons for microtia, cryptotia, lop ear, cup ear, and otoplasty or prominent ear surgery globally and is known for his surgical expertise and techniques that help children achieve natural-looking results. Consult for ear deformities in newborns with Dr. Parag Telang and get the best results.

The Microtia Trust team strives to provide the best treatment and assistance to national and international patients. The Microtia Trust has special packages for patients traveling from outside Mumbai or abroad and is always happy to help patients with special needs. To help your child with microtia, cryptotia, lop ear, cup ear, and otoplasty or prominent ear surgery and to know more about ear deformities in Mumbai, India, England and USA, call at +91 9820058253 / 022 26300079 or email at info@themicrotiatrust.com.

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My nephew was born with ear deformity and no one could find a solution for that. Someone then suggested us Dr. Telang and we consulted him last month. I must say he is one of the best doctors!


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