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Prominent ears are a type of deformed ears in which the ears stick out farther than an average person’s ears . Ears are considered normal when their width is between 50-60% of their length and have an average width of 3 to 4.5cms, and length of 5.5 to 7cms. The standard angle between the skull and ear averages 21° for females and 25° for males. The ears are considered detached or prominent when the ear angle with the skull is greater than the average, and these ears are too obvious when viewed from the front. This condition reduces self-esteem and confidence level in both children and adults. The Microtia Trust is a world renowned center for ear reconstruction in India, where the best ear reconstruction and prominent ear treatment is provided by an expert ear cosmetic and plastic surgeon, Dr. Parag Telang.


  • Excessive projection of ear due to enlargement of the cartilage.

  • Presence of excessive retro-auricular angle between the skull and the ear

  • Malformation in the cartilage, which is not, folded enough on itself or in the antihelix.


Prominent ears are caused by loss of antihelical fold, presence of too much cartilage in the conchal bowl of the ear, and combination of both loss of antihelical fold and excess of conchal cartilage.

Inheritance of autosomal dominant trait is probably the most important factor that causes this problem. The condition may be bilateral (both ears) or unilateral (one ear).

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Prominent ears can be a significant source of embarrassment in adults and children. They also increase the likelihood of being teased at school and can affect a child’s confidence and social interaction. People can opt for prominent ear correction surgery in India (Mumbai), USA, England to add balance to their facial appearance. The approach for surgery is from behind the ears making the scars not visible. This surgery helps one improve their appearance and enhance their self-esteem, making one feel more confident about their look.


An otoplasty in India is a type of cosmetic surgical procedure of the ears that corrects the ear cartilage abnormalities and helps create a more harmonious face. The otoplasty surgery corrects the auricular cartilage defects or malformations responsible for the detached aspect of the ear. It helps reduce the projection of an overly prominent ear from the temporal scalp.

Otoplasty surgical correction can be performed on children, adults, and adolescents. The surgery corrects the shape, proportion, and position of the ear caused due to ear birth defects. Misshaped ears caused by injury are also corrected with this surgery. The surgery brings balance in the face and ears proportion. At The Microtia Trust, the best ear cosmetic and otoplasty surgeon in Mumbai Dr. Parag Telang corrects all types of ear cosmetic and functional defects.


Dr. Parag Telang, an experienced otoplasty surgeon in Mumbai, India, uses a reliable, safe technique that avoids the risk of any major complications. The surgery helps correct ears that stick out too far from the side of the head and improve the shape of the ears. The surgery performed by Dr. Parag also corrects asymmetries between the two ears as well as brings the ear position into harmony with the rest of the face.

Dr. Parag specializes in otoplasty for children and also performs the otoplasty surgery in USA, England for adult patients as well at The Microtia Trust, best ear reconstruction, and otoplasty surgery clinic in India. International patients from the USA, UK (London), Europe, UAE, and across the world can consult Dr. Parag Telang at The Microtia Trust, located in Mumbai, India, and avail the treatment benefits of otoplasty surgery in USA, England, India (Mumbai). 


Otoplasty surgery is usually best performed any time from the age of seven. By this time, the ear cartilage is mature enough to be shaped, and when the child is old enough to co-operate with the surgery and aftercare. The shape of the ear is altered by using permanent sutures to redefine the normal curves.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia in children and local aneasthesia in adults. Then in the next step, proper markings are made. The surgical technique that corrects protruding ears helps create or increases the anti helical fold and reduces enlarged conchal cartilage, as each ear’s anatomical problem requires its own solution. This allows the surgeon to correct the position and reshape the ear cartilage with sutures. Hence during the surgery, the folds are created if they are absent, excess cartilage is removed, and sutures are made to attach the ear to the skull.

The scars for otoplasty are all placed behind the ear so that they are not visible. In order to improve the shape of the ear, a combination of either scraping the cartilage or using stitches may be used. Additional stitches may be used to pull the entire ear closer to the side of the head and correct prominence of the ear lobes. The incisions are then closed, and a head bandage applied. The patients are usually discharged on the same day.


The ear surgery offers immediate results in protruding ears once the dressing that supports the new shape of the ear is removed.


Otoplasty is not usually a painful procedure, and usually, only simple pain medications are needed afterwards. The head bandage is left in place for a week, and stitches are removed. Thereafter, the incisions are left open, and one can take a shower normally. One will need to wear a headband at night for a few weeks following the procedure.


Dr. Parag Telang is one of the most experienced and respected plastic surgeons for otoplasty or prominent ear surgery globally and is known for his surgical expertise and techniques that help children achieve natural-looking results.

The Microtia Trust team strives to provide the best treatment and assistance to national and international patients. The Microtia Trust has special packages for patients traveling from outside Mumbai or abroad and is always happy to help patients with special needs. To help your child with prominent ears and to know more about prominent ear surgery cost in India, call at +91 9820058253 / 022 26300079 or email at 

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My nephew was born with ear deformity and no one could find a solution for that. Someone then suggested us Dr. Telang and we consulted him last month. I must say he is one of the best doctors!


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"It has been 5 years since you last operated on me. I can't thank you enough. You changed my life and continue to change the lives of so many others like me. You have inspired me to help people with microtia and give back to the people that made my plastic surgery possible. Thank you again"


John Pixels, USA

*Opinions/Results may vary from person to person

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