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The Microtia Trust, situated in Mumbai, India, is a leading centre for the treatment of congenital conditions such as microtia & other ear deformities. It provides utmost care to microtia patients & their families and delivers outstanding results. The Trust has successfully delivered best results to 400+ patients across the globe.

“The Microtia Trust” is an intiative of the renowned ear reconstruction surgeon Dr. Parag Telang and his wife Dr. Minal Telang. This Trust provides an opportunity for the children suffering with microtia condition, to get ear reconstruction surgery by providing them with the best treatment so that every child is able to live their life to the fullest.

The Microtia Trust, believes that everyone has the right to live and enjoy life and is helping the patients to enable them to lead a normal and healthy life.

Microtia is a rare congenital condition, in which children are born with an absent or missing ear or malformed ear.

When a child is born with ear deformities or microtia, parents want the most advanced treatment for their child. Dr. Parag is recognized for his expertise and outstanding results as this surgery requires a 3 dimensional analysis of the ear. The treatments help the patient to achieve a cosmetically pleasing external ear while restoring facial symmetry. The Trust welcomes patients from all over the globe and has successfully treated patients from countries like US, UK(England), UAE etc.

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  • Our Vision

    With a vision to provide comprehensive Ear care to all classes of people, Dr. Parag Telang Expert Surgeon provides Cosmetic Ear Reconstruction Surgery in India with a commitment to world's best practice. He believes that the best possible care and outcomes are the result of dedication, compassion and autonomy of the surgeons who ensure that patient care and medical ethics will be pre-eminent over commercial imperatives.

  • Our Mission

    To provide Ear care equal to the best in the world delivered in a personal, compassionate, convenient and cost effective manner.

  • Our Commitment

    Dr. Parag Telang seeks to treat patients with fairness and concern, recognizing their needs and satisfying them to every extent possible. When patients and family members need assistance in resolving issues concerning their hospitalization, our dedicated team can assist them.

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